Small business owners, reduce your overwhelm!

If you are struggling with too many ideas and what to do to market your small business, then you are at the right place.

Create an easy to implement marketing plan with Elian's clear cut steps.

“My experience with Elian has been a wonderful journey. The way she teaches is easy to understand. Her attention to detail is priceless in creating a streamlined process! I would recommend her 10 out of 10 times!”
MISTY MEDLIN, Founder @ 141 West

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You're overwhelmed with all the different ideas of what you could do.
  • You don't know which instructor to follow nor which one to trust.
  • You want a simple, clear-cut plan of action.

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You chase all of the new shiny objects out there.
  • You don't want to improve your online marketing.
  • You are impatient and don't give your activities time to work.

What's covered in this workshop:

  1. How to create an easy plan of action for your business (a roadmap).
  2. The 9 strategies I recommend for your business.
  3. The nuts and bolts of figuring out who you are really serving in your business.
  4. We'll look at what other business owners are doing to help you identify number 3 above.
  5. How to track and improve your results.

About your teacher Elian Tyson

Hi, I'm Elian and I've been working and teaching in the marketing space for decades now.

My passion is helping small business owners and non-profit organizations with their online marketing.

There are so many people teaching in this space that it get's confusing on what action to take. So much so, that it leads many of you to INACTION or a lot of STOPPING and STARTING.

Stop the madness and let's create a simple, do-able plan that will get you results.

I'm rooting for ya!

~ Elian

Easy Online Marketing for Small Business

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  • The self-paced course - 7 videos
  • Workshop workbook (pdf)

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Keep me Focused - $179

  • The self-paced course - 7 videos
  • Workshop workbook (pdf)
  • 6 weeks of accountability with Elian
  • Review of your current marketing plan & recommendations
  • Review of your online presence & recommendations (includes social media, website, & online business listings) 

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End your overwhelm today!